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Vladimir, Russia

April 2018

Hello dear friends.

Attached is the latest news from your Russian brother.

I would greatly appreciate if you found 5 minutes to read and pray for us.

May the Lord richly bless your families and churches!

Sincerely in Christ's love,

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December 2017

Hello dear friends. This is Pasha from Russia.

I am sending some news about the most recent things of life and plans for things to come.
Please pray for us.
Pasha and friends.

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March 2017

Dear friends and fellow prayer partners,

Grace and mercy of our Lord be upon you! May His Kingdom come and His will be done!

It's been a while since our last update. 2016 was not an easy year, but towards the end of it there was some relief and some answers from the Lord that made the breathing a bit more stable.

Praise be to His name!

Thank you dear friends for your faithful love and prayers!

I want to report to all of you that life in our neck of the woods is somewhat normal. That means troubles and comforts of all sorts of course, but generally quite steady. The Lord is good at all times and we are able to go on learning and doing HIS will from one episode of life to the next.

At the end of January I left the goodly nest and went to Guatemala and Cuba as the brethren have invited me to participate in the work with them. I had a great flight teaching students at Guatemala Bible college. There were young people from Costa Rica, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Guatemala itself of course. Fine stock! Hope for this generation in my estimation :). That is what I told them upon my departure. I had concerns going there because there were some unexpected complications, but the Lord has blessed it so tremendously. so my faith had to sync and grow a little bit in the process. Wonderful trip - no matter how one looks at it. I have made many new friends during those two weeks. So now I pray for Central American churches and have wonderful faces in my mind that I see smiling. I know who I am praying for. If the Lord so wills I will make my way back there and extend a mission little bit further as I got a couple more invitations to serve and teach. If you would pray that with me I would appreciate it greatly. I can genuinely say that it is God Who opens the doors, gives a call and provides for the good work - via His faithful people.

In Cuba I joined the group that came a day after I landed there. We started a construction project together and then I had to fly home. Little troubles with communist customs are not even worth mentioning. The trip was so smooth. I knew many people prayed for us. Everything was wonderful. Very good work is continuing in Cuba. We are so honoured to be a little part of God's kingdom building in that island world. Please pray for churches there and for a possible visit of small group of Cubans to Russia. In a little humble way we hope to strengthen the hands of the ministers. The Lord is good! *So the CCV team has tackled two projects instead of one - because locals are so tuned in for the job that we do with them, which makes everything so efficient. The guys could have done another one if things were woking like this, but nothing was ready for the next one. So what could they do, but enjoy the fellowship, Caribbean winter and have a few days of well deserved rest. The team came back all blessed and fired up for the Lord's work. It is such a good therapy for the soul and spirit of a Christian to go on a mission trip! Not everyone is willing to go as far as Cuba, but the fire spreads and people generally become more alive and active in the home church. Thank dear friends for your prayers and for some of yours' support towards this end!
*On a side note here - I was able to visit with my good friends in Normal, Illinois for a couple of days, prior to this whole trip. Found some extra prayer support and sweetest fellowships its old friends. I thank God for this provision! ]

So now half way through March we are looking at Resurrection celebration coming up in April. We have planned a couple of outreaches this and the next month. Please pray for those. And generally for the Russian people and our leaders on every level of society. Our God is still willing and able to save. That is what He does in fact every single day among the big 7 billion crowd. We have to be His workmanship and partners in this good business. Praise the Lord for His good will! Even though I find my self so limited and so incapable in many things I do desire all God's work and all God's heart that can fit in this fragile little frame. And I am certainly learning more and more that prayer is the foundational thing for anything and all good stuff in life. So, I greatly appreciate your partnership with myself, my family, our church and the Russian church in general, my dear friends!!

In the middle of May we are hoping to hold some festivities to celebrate the 25th year of our church's existence in Vladimir city. We will celebrate our Lord's faithfulness and all His goodness and blessing that were poured out in our direction.

***You are all invited!!! If you are able to make it in the middle of May you can just get your self a tourist visa and come join us for the celebration. We will have 13,14,15 of May to rejoice, celebrate, to praise the Lord in some loud ways. :) If you want to come and need our help with logistics, please let us know. Write myself or the office.

Please pray for our home front as always. We as partners in the marriage, parenting and ministry need a lot more wisdom and energy than we currently do. As well as patience, boldness, grace and mercy to flow through us. The Summer is going to be here soon. So please pray with us for open doors for ministry and all necessary means towards that end. The Lord is good and is worthy to be praised. We are so thankful to be His servants and to be the friends with all who call upon the name of the Lord. may the Lord bless you richly!

We pray for your wellbeing and continued fruitful life!

Thank you for all!
Pasha, Lena, family.

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April 7, 2016

Hello dear friends.

Attached is the Spring newsletter with prayer requests and cool looking design.
(kidding about the latter part)

Thank you for your love and prayers.
Pasha and family.

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February 11, 2016

Good day dear friends. Grace and peace be multiplied unto you! Oh how we need them!

Attached is a PDF file with newsand prayer requests from Calvary Chapel Vladimir, Russia.
Thank you for your love and prayers!

Your brother,

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August 12, 2015

Hello dear friends.

This is your brother from another mother. ‐ Mother Russia :)

Attached is a PDF file with some news. I owed it for quite some time now. So finally I caught some time to write the update.
We so APPRECIATE your prayers and look forward to more glorious works of the Lord in this generation that we are part of. May our our Savior and King be glorified through us!

For the glory of His grace!

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