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Listed below are recordings from various Men's and Women's Calvary Chapel Conferences.

The CCF conferences as of 2021 have video that can be viewed.

These messages can be downloaded or listened to or viewed in your browser. Scroll down to the session you desire. You can click the link to download the file to your device, or click to listen to the message in your browser, or view the video in your browser.

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YearConferenceSpeaker - SessionClick to
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2024Men'sTim Brown - session 1DownloadListenView
2024Men'sJohn Yount - session 2DownloadListenView
2024Men'sRich Abblitt - session 3DownloadListenView
2024Men'sMichael Quesada - session 4DownloadListenView
2024Men'sJarrod Stueve - session 5DownloadListenView
2024Men'sTim Brown - session 6DownloadListenView
2023Telios Men'sRommel Gil - session 1DownloadListenView
2023Telios Men'sAndre Buchheister - session 2DownloadListenView
2023Telios Men'sNathan Mrotzek - session 3DownloadListenView
2023Telios Men'sJohn Schutt - session 4DownloadListenView
2023Telios Men'sCraig Hall - session 5DownloadListenView
2023Women'sMindi Love - session 1DownloadListenView
2023Women'sMindi Love - session 2DownloadListenView
2023Women'sMindi Love - session 3DownloadListenView
2023Men'sSandy Adams - session 1DownloadListenView
2023Men'sMike Scanlan - session 2DownloadListenView
2023Men'sJim Thomas - session 3DownloadListenView
2023Men'sJay McCarl - session 4DownloadListenView
2023Men'sNathan Mrotzek - session 5DownloadListenView
2023Men'sSandy Adams - session 6DownloadListenView
2022Women'sRuth Beeler - session 1DownloadListenView
2022Women'sRuth Beeler - session 2DownloadListenView
2022Women'sRuth Beeler - session 3DownloadListenView
2022Men'sDon McClure - session 1DownloadListenView
2022Men'sPete Lorenzen - session 2aDownloadListenView
2022Men'sNathan Mrotzek - session 2bDownloadListenView
2022Men'sMike Quesada - session 2cDownloadListenView
2022Men'sTerry Johnson - session 3aDownloadListenView
2022Men'sJohn Higelin - session 3bDownloadListenView
2022Men'sCraig Hall - session 4aDownloadListenView
2022Men'sJarrod Stueve - session 4bDownloadListenView
2022Men'sJohn Yount - session 4cDownloadListenView
2022Men'sDon McClure - session 5DownloadListenView
2022CCF Women'sHolly Caldwell - session 1DownloadListenView
2022CCF Women'sHolly Caldwell - session 2DownloadListenView
2022CCF Women'sHolly Caldwell - session 3DownloadListenView
2021Women'sJean McClure - session 1DownloadListenView
2021Women'sJean McClure - session 2DownloadListenView
2021Women'sJean McClure - session 3DownloadListenView
2020Men'sJim Thomas - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2020Men'sBill Holdridge - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2020Men'sBill Holdridge - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2020Men'sJohn Packer - breakout ADownloadListenNot Available
2020Men'sJacob Bass - breakout BDownloadListenNot Available
2020Men'sLucas Patton - breakout CDownloadListenNot Available
2020Men'sMike Quesada - breakout DDownloadListenNot Available
2020Men'sDavid Ice - breakout EDownloadListenNot Available
2019Women'sBethany MacIntosh - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2019Women'sBethany MacIntosh - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2019Women'sBethany MacIntosh - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2019Men'sNathan Blank - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2019Men'sRoger Johnson - session 2a
"Making of a Grandfather"
DownloadListenNot Available
2019Men'sBryan Blank - session 2b
"Making of a Father"
DownloadListenNot Available
2019Men'sPete Lorenzen - session 2c
"Making of a Son"
DownloadListenNot Available
2019Men'sMike Scanlan - session 2d
"Making of a Husband"
DownloadListenNot Available
2019Men'sCaleb Bailey - session 2e
"Making of a Boyfriend"
DownloadListenNot Available
2019Men'sNate Heitzig - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2019Men'sNate Heitzig - session 4DownloadListenNot Available
2018Women'sSandy MacIntosh - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2018Women'sSandy MacIntosh - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2018Women'sSandy MacIntosh - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2018CCF Women'sShelley Wolter - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2018CCF Women'sShelley Wolter - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2018CCF Women'sShelley Wolter - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2018CCF Women'sShelley Wolter - session slides in PDF fileDownload ViewNot Available
2018Men'sLt. General William G. "Jerry" Boykin
Friday night session
DownloadListenNot Available
2018Men'sGeneral "Jerry" Boykin - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2018Men'sGeneral "Jerry" Boykin - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2018Men'sGeneral "Jerry" Boykin - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2018Men'sGeneral "Jerry" Boykin - session 4DownloadListenNot Available
2017Women'sSandy MacIntosh - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2017Women'sSandy MacIntosh - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2017Women'sSandy MacIntosh - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2017Men's Gil DeLao - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2017Men's Terry Johnson - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2017Men's Glenn Weber - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2017Men's Jim Thomas - session 4DownloadListenNot Available
2017Men's Conference Pastors - session 5DownloadListenNot Available
2017Men's Mike Scanlan - session 6DownloadListenNot Available
2017Men's Denny Stahl - session 7DownloadListenNot Available
2016CCF Women'sDebbie Beebe - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2016CCF Women'sJulie Norman - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2016CCF Women'sDebbie Beebe - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2016CCF Women'sJulie Norman - session 4DownloadListenNot Available
2016Women'sJune Hesterly - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2016Women'sJune Hesterly - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2016Women'sJune Hesterly - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2016Men's Rommel Gil - IntroductionDownloadListenNot Available
2016Men's John Higelin - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2016Men's Mark Garrett- session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2016Men's Pete Lorenzen - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2016Men's Mike Scanlin - session 4DownloadListenNot Available
2016Men's Craig Hall - session 5DownloadListenNot Available
2016Men's Dan Ice - session 6DownloadListenNot Available
2016Men's Mike Quesada - session 7DownloadListenNot Available
2016Men's Rommel Gil - session 8DownloadListenNot Available
2015Women's Lenya Heitzig - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2015Women's Lenya Heitzig - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2015Women's Lenya Heitzig - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2015Men's Bryan Blank - IntroductionDownloadListenNot Available
2015Men's Dave Sweet - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2015Men's Brian Bauer- session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2015Men's Jay McCarl - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2015Men's Jim Thomas - session 4DownloadListenNot Available
2015Men's Mike Scanlan - session 5DownloadListenNot Available
2015Men's Russ King - session 6DownloadListenNot Available
2015Men's Dan Ice - session 7DownloadListenNot Available
2015Men's Roger Johnson - session 8DownloadListenNot Available
2015Men's Bryan Blank - session 9DownloadListenNot Available
2014Women's Debbie Bryson - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2014Women's Debbie Bryson - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2014Women's Debbie Bryson - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2014Men's Denny Stahl - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2014Men's Glenn Weber - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2014Men's Mark Garrett - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2014Men's Mark Anderson - session 4DownloadListenNot Available
2013Men's Pete Lorenzen - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2013Men's Craig Hall - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2013Men's Rommel Gil - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2013Men's Dave Bruno - session 4DownloadListenNot Available
2012Men's Bryan Blank - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2012Men's Terry Johnson - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2012Men's Pete Lorenzen - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2012Men's Denny Stahl - session 4DownloadListenNot Available
2011Men's Roger Johnson - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2011Men's Terry Johnson - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2011Men's Denny Stahl - session 3DownloadListenNot Available
2011Men's Bryan Blank - session 4DownloadListenNot Available
2011Women's Grace Scanlan - session 1DownloadListenNot Available
2011Women's Grace Scanlan - session 2DownloadListenNot Available
2011Women's Grace Scanlan - session 3DownloadListenNot Available


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