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Monterrey, Mexico

October 4, 2023

Monterrey Update

Blessings, family, good afternoon.

It's that time of the month when I get to share what our mighty God is doing here in Monterrey, Mexico. I am so excited to tell you that my wife's bible study is bringing more women to Christ. I see her excitement and love to teach and serve the sisters. Also, the youth group is growing in the word of God, and in number; we have 23 in the youth group. This past weekend, we had a small conference on depression and suicide. God moved so greatly that all of them opened up on what they were going through. God touched them deeply, and tears were falling through the teaching, and afterward, we had prayer groups. It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit move like that in the youth group.
This past month, we had 5 professions of faith, with two taking the next step, which was baptism. Something I am truly excited about is our next church plant. I visited them in a town called Patzcuaro in the state of Michoacan. It is a state with a lot of cartel violence, but God is moving greatly. God provided a beautiful building to start. For over a year, I have been disciplining this couple, and they started a Bible study at home. They have over 40 people going faithfully every weekend. Their names are Candido Corona and his wife Juany Corona.

Also, God is opening a door to send a brother to the Middle East to be a missionary there. I am so excited that is something that has been in my heart for years. To send Mexican missionaries all over the world, this brother is leaving his career to follow Jesus calling his name is Marcelo.

I am so thankful because we are going to a very special orphanage with kids with Down syndrome to serve and share Jesus' love with them as well. We have a hospital ministry now this past weekend. We went to pray for the sick and the families of the sick and share Jesus with them.
I got to tell you this as well. We are completely full in our sanctuary, and we are praying to see what God does next. I can keep going, LOL, but I will save some more for next month. I truly can't wait for this coming month and what God is going to do.

Prayer Request

Please help us pray for these petitions..........
1. A new building
2. The new church plant
3. God keeps that fire going in the leaders
4. Me and my family keep seeking God's kingdom first


It has been quite an experience the years we have been here doing the Lord's will. Every time it has gotten very hard, I remember Joshua 1:9, but also my pastors words don't quit. Then I remember that you are praying for us as well. That is how we get the strength and wisdom to keep ministering and witnessing to the state where we are at.
Thank you for praying for us. You can read the fruit God is giving us because you have been a part of this since day one. We thank you for your financial support as well. Thank you for partnering with us.

We love you, and thank you once again.
Pedro Herrera

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May 5, 2021

Monterrey Update

This month I start this letter with lots of joy in my heart, as you know we are in a new building in a new community. God has been so good and faithful. I am not going to lie it has been a rollercoaster ride lol. God moved us in a time we didn't expect and to see him do all this beautiful things. We have five new families coming to the services, and the congregation is coming back little by little. We have had 3 people that received Jesus in this new building. We are also celebrating our baptisms this month. Since Monterrey was the first state to get the virus the shot's are here now and over 400 thousand people have gotten the shot for the virus. We are going to be more active in the Lord prayer nights, worship nights, and testimony nights, so I am so excited. We also started a class called "Pillars". This class this is a 7 week course and it helps brothers and sisters that want to serve in their church, we have had 3 graduates from that. We also have a small media room where we are trying to grow in that area as well: better sound and image's for the teachings. What can I say but God is great.

Prayer Request:

Can you please help us pray for these needs:
1. We keep seeking God's kingdom
2. God keeps the fire in our hearts lit
3. For the new community God softened their hearts
4. God provides for the future projects in the building

Well family, it is an honor to be part of what God is doing here Monterrey and you being right along with us. We want to thank you on behalf of my family for your prayers and your financial support. God has giving us the strength to keep walking and to trust him, the wisdom to handle different adversities, and used us to council families. So keep praying - God is listening and moving in our lives. I also thank you for believing in the work God is doing here in Monterrey and for supporting it financially, we are able to do his work full time because of this. Thank you once again family, we love you and pray for you every morning.

Pedro Herrera

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